The Apple Remote app received a major update today. Foremost, it’s now universal, providing iPad users with a native experience and their own fully iPad optimized user interface. iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch users get a bit of a visual enhancement with Retina level graphics. Of course, full support for iTunes 10 and the new Apple TV. Finally, seamless support for shared libraries, like the Apple TV should make navigation and access that much simpler.

A few quick observations I’ve made. A new icon that is basically inverted to match the new iTunes 10 icon. Genius Mixes have been moved to the More section by default and Albums has been moved to take over. Yes, you can restore it to the previous setup using the Edit option to re-arrange the buttons. Video control now includes a quick 10 second rewind button. There’s a Home Sharing option under Settings for the shared library support, and that will add a Shared area under the More section.

The iPad interface is really nice. Like the built-in iPod app for the iPad, the new Remote app provides a very close resemblance to the desktop iTunes app user interface. IPad users also get the advantage of landscape or portrait use.

As always, the Apple Remote app is available for absolutely nothing. Here are a handful of screenshots to give you an idea but get your own copy now and tell us what you think.