If yesterday’s special event presentation by Steve Jobs left you with a few questions, we’re guessing this might be one of them. After introducing a new touchscreen iPod Nano, Steve failed to state that the device runs iOS, like it’s big brother, the iPod touch. This left many wondering whether the iPod Nano ran iOS, or some other operating system.

In fact, it has been confirmed that the device does not run a version of Apple’s iOS operating system. As Cult of Mac reports, an Apple spokesperson made the statement following Jobs’ presentation.

It’s a shame both Apple TV and the iPod Nano failed to join Apple’s iOS family. If ever a device can be too small, with regards to iOS, it’s the iPod Nano. Sure, it’s smaller, it’s more portable and can clip onto your clothes. But, I don’t think it would even be possible to fit iOS required components inside the small device.

Additionally, the 1.13-inch touchscreen would hardly be large enough to take advantage of “multi-touch technology.” You can only fit one finger on the screen as it is.

Obviously, the modified version of the iPod Nano’s previous OS does pack some multi-touch punch. By now, you’ll have seen the user interface and the two finger screen spin. Most prospective Nano owners will probably be content with that. I guess they’ll have to be.

If you wanted iOS to be on the new iPod Nano, or if you’re happy with the device as it is, let us know in the comments box below!

And, don’t forget, the full video of Apple’s special event is available to watch now.