If you’re an iPhone 3G owner, the chances are you’ve been feeling pretty glum following the release of iOS 4. A variety of features (folders and multitasking, to name a few) didn’t make their way onto Apple’s second-oldest device. In fact, the software update actually did more damage than good. Many iPhone 3G owners reported that the software update had slowed their handset down.

iOS 4.1 came along and made things a little better. As Steve promised, some of the iOS 4 issues were corrected. iPhone 3G handsets are a little quicker, and the battery lasts a little longer, under iOS 4.1. Yet still, it isn’t perfect. In short – Apple didn’t give 3G owners Game Center.

Fortunately for iPhone 3G owners, a fix has come along. And, as with many iDevice fixes, this particular tweak has been provided by the jailbreak community. As Cult of Mac reports, Game Center can be ported to iPhone 3G handsets after “a jailbreak and a bit of hacking.”

Full instructions on how to achieve this can be found over at Redmond Pie. Supposedly, Game Center works fine on the iPhone 3G – making its disappearance from the final iOS 4.1 version even more of a mystery.

As always, jailbreak and hack at your own risk. You can check out a video of the Game Center enabled iPhone 3G below, and more information can be found at Redmond Pie.