The iPhone can be many things: a web browser, an emailing device, a games machine – and, oh, a phone, too. When jealous people say our touchscreen handsets are nothing more than “toys,” we’ve always shrugged the comments off. Until now.

Because, a new case of sorts has just hit the market. A case which really does transform the iPhone into a huggable toy. It’s called Woogie, and it’s designed and created by Griffin. You can check it out in the screenshot above.

As you can see, the iPhone clips inside Woogie, giving kids something to hug and squeeze while playing with the touchscreen device. Additionally, it comes with a couple of speakers built in to the case. By attaching it to the handset, kids can watch TV shows and movies through the device’s speakers. Woogie amplifies the sound while protecting the phone, which is very handy.

Below, we’ve embedded a video below of Woogie and an iPhone together in action. If you have a kid who continually asks to play with your iPhone, this might be a way of ensuring the handset’s survival while making the experience all the more fun! If you need more information on the plush case, check out Woogie’s site, here. And, thanks to TUAW for spotting this!