Yesterday, at Apple’s “Back to the Mac” special event, Steve Jobs announced the Mac App Store: a place where we’ll soon be able to find the very best Mac apps, all in one place. Following this, we’ve heard from MacStories that a Mac version of Flight Control HD is already in development.

The news came directly from Firemint: the development company that created Flight Control. A picture of a MacBook Air running a Mac version of the famous game was posted recently (above), informing Firemint’s fans of the company’s intended move to Mac.

Undoubtedly, many other iOS developers are going to want to branch out to the Mac now, following Mac App Store’s announcement. The App Store revolutionized the mobile experience; with any luck, the Mac App Store will be just as successful. If there are any other iOS games you’d love to play on the Mac, let us know in the comments below!