Details are slowly emerging regarding Firemint’s upcoming racing sequel, Real Racing 2. Within the last week, we’ve been provided a few iPhone wallpapers, some of the officially licensed cars, and a cinematic trailer.

Well, that’s all and good, but the more the merrier. Along with details on compatibility and career mode, due to very popular demand, Firemint has created a short demonstration video of actual Real Racing 2 gameplay using an iPhone 4. The car being used is the previously divulged 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35).

The career mode is set to include a solid 10 hours of actual gameplay with each win providing you needed in-game currency for new vehicles and performance upgrades. If you pay close enough attention to the demo video, you’ll notice the optional heads-up display (HUD) available in Real Racing 2, including a new mini-map.

Despite no longer owning an older iDevice, I feel the need to give Firemint two thumbs up for this next bit. The company claims that Real Racing 2 will be compatible with all iDevices. You heard correctly, original generation iPhone and iPod touch owners will be able to join in the fun, lacking the visual quality available to iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch players, of course.

Firement advises that this is still most certainly a game in the developmental process, so things can be improved or changed before release. They do advise, however, that the team is still shooting to get this title in gamers’ hands before Christmas.

Without further delay, here is the footage: