NaturalMotion has realized nothing less than their success of directly publishing games to mobile platform markets like the App Store. In fact, their debut app for iOS, Backbreaker Football, has passed the 3 million downloads threshold.

Naturally, the company plans to continue that success with a sequel. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance looks to bring the intensity to a whole new level. Adding to the current gameplay will be even more moves and obstacles for your player to hurdle, spin, juke, crush, and rush by.

In addition, the successor will include 100 new waves, a new Vengeance game mode, Retina display worthy graphics, improved lighting effects, Game Center integration, and two new stadiums, including one previously only available on the console version. Vengeance mode turns the field around by letting you bring the pain in hard-hitting tackles.

What does it take to create a worthy digital version of a classic board game? In NaturalMotions’s eyes, only a game worthy to bring the same or better experience the original generated. They’ve worked hard with the original creator, Leslie Scott, in order to bring what — they hope — will be the most authentic digital version of Jenga to a gaming platform.

Looking to utilize the accurate iDevice touchscreen, Jenga for iOS is being developed to have the same precision gameplay required in the physical version. Amongst the attention to detail on controls, Jenga will feature marvelously rendered graphics, even enhanced for the Retina display, and physics capable of bringing plenty of teeth-gritting response as you attempt to wiggle a block from the wobbling tower.

Just like Backbreaker 2: Vengeance, Jenga will harness the social-gaming competitiveness of Apple’s Game Center. Not only can you brag about getting the highest tower, but the title will offer up to four local players in a Pass-n-Play local multiplayer mode.

Jenga will be available sometime this holiday season, whereas, Backbreaker 2: Vengeance‘s availability is yet to be determined.