The popular Flash-enabled iOS browser, Skyfire Web Browser, has recently been updated (version 2.1.0). Now, Skyfire users can enjoy Twitter Quickview, along with better sharing options.

No long ago, we saw the re-release of Skyfire Web Browser. It’s an iOS browser which promised to convert prohibited Flash content into suitable HTML5 content, and display it on an iDevice. The application proved to be immensely popular. In fact, Skyfire was so popular, its developer had to remove the app while Skyfire‘s servers were boosted.

Now, the popular app has been updated, and features Twitter Quickview. Much like Facebook Quickview, which version 2.0 introduced, Twitter Quickview allows users to view their all important Twitter feed in-app. Furthermore, it is now possible to share to: Twitter, Google Reader, Instapaper, and more. Other minor features and bug fixes are also included in the update.

The latest version of Skyfire Web Browser is available now in the App Store. And, if you haven’t already purchased the app, it’s still priced at $2.99.