Sleep Pillow has been enjoyed by many with insomnia since its debut over a month ago. Even so, Heavy Duty Apps continues to accept feedback on how they can help more people get a good night’s rest. Sleep Pillow v2.1 adds four more sounds, helping to add further possibilities for someone to find a soothing sound to get and stay asleep.

Sleep Pillow v2.1 improvements include:

Four new sounds:
• Whale Song
• Train Ride
• Massage Atmosphere
• Luxury Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Two picture changes/enhancements:
• Heartbeat is now Baby-DJ pic
• Tibetan Temple – better pic

Sleep Pillow now includes 35 total sounds spanning through eight different categories: water, forest, bonfire, weather, nature, tribal, modern, and melodic. Sounds are a vast as you could imagine, anything from a trickle of water to faint highway traffic to even the sound of ice lightly tinging around a drinking glass. You’re sure to find something that suits your preference.

There are two ways to navigate and play each sound. You can either swipe left or right to select and then tap on a sound to start playback or use the left, right, and play/pause buttons in the top-right. View the sound library with either large or small images, just tap on the expand/contract button at the bottom. Tap on the clock in the top-left to manage the sleep timer, anywhere from one minute to nearly nine hours.

Once you’ve found those perfect sounds to make all else fade away, tap on the heart icon at the top-right of each sound photo to designate it as a favorite. You can filter the collection to just your ideal choices simply by tapping on the heart icon near the bottom of the screen. To return to the full list, just tap on the heart again.

Sleep Pillow is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later. When using Sleep Pillow on a compatible device running iOS 4.0 or later; feel free to check your email, surf the web, continue writing up a document, view some photos, or whatever else without interrupting the soothing audio experience. Background multitasking even includes support for the sleep timer. Sleep Pillow is available in the App Store for $1.99.

Want to try Sleep Pillow with no risk to your pocketbook? Download a copy of Sleep Pillow Lite, which includes a sample of sounds from the full version, from the App Store now.