Rounding up cattle isn’t the most luxurious job. It becomes a bit more important when aliens are coming after your cattle. Your goal in Cows vs. Aliens is to herd the cattle into the barn, and keep the aliens away. Just drag your finger, and the cows and aliens scatter from your touch.

You can use multi-touch to herd from multiple directions. For some unknown reason your barn is on top of a mountain cliff. You try to push the alien spacecrafts off the cliffs to get rid of them. Logically you would think the ships would float, but these fall off the side. You have to be careful when pushing aliens off because you can push cows off too.

You need to keep the aliens away because if one makes it to the barn it’s game over. Now that’s not the only way to lose as there are waves to complete. You’re given a time limit to get a specific number of cows into the barn. So the more you push off, the less chance you have of reaching that goal.

The heart of the game isn’t just simply achieving the goal. It’s trying to herd as many cows at once as possible. You want to pack them in to build up the multiplier, and your score. It’s a risky balance as you’re competing against the clock. Also there’s a greater chance an alien gets in to the barn.

Cows vs. Aliens is fun for a bit, but there just isn’t much to this game. There is only one game mode which plays exactly the same every time. All you can do is change your strategy to try to better your score. As you progress there are new types of cows and aliens, but that doesn’t change the gameplay.

While you’re playing you seek more variation. Maybe a different mode, another game mechanic, or even a change of scenery would be nice. Sadly, there’s none of that so after a couple of plays you won’t come back to it again. The game is very easy to pick up and start enjoying. There is just nothing to hold your attention.

The game is like Chicken Coup, but with less variation. There is an amusing theme which could be fleshed out with a bit of story. One comical aspect is that the barn seems to be limitless, as you can jam in thousands of cows effortlessly. It’s only an endless score based game, but at least Game Center leader boards are included, though there are no achievements.

The overall art style includes great character design and retina quality graphics. There is a wonderful soundtrack which is nice and fast paced with some space age elements.

Cows vs. Aliens ($0.99, iPhone) is fun the first couple times you play. The game is well designed, but there is a severe lack of content. The gameplay is simplistic with no variability. It’s easy to control, but every game plays the same.

Cows vs. Aliens is a game to skip with much more enjoyable casual games in the App Store.