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Tap & Track, calorie tracker for iPad ($9.99) by nanobitsoftware.com simplifies recording your daily food intake and fitness. The app is ideal for tracking calories, carbs and points for the Weight Watchers diet program.

The database is deep, with over 400,000 foods, 2,000 brands, 700 restaurant menus and 180 exercises.

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You begin by setting up your profile which includes a diet plan (up to two pounds per week), your goal weight and intake budgets (fat, carbs, protein and food scores).

The overview shows your progress for the current day. A pie chart compares the number of calories consumed, burned and remaining. Next, a table displays your intake of fat, carbs, and protein. It also shows your food score and highlights your current BMI and total weight loss. A third graphical bar chart breaks down daily nutritional info displaying: fat, saturated fat, sodium, carbs, fiber, sugar, protein and your food score.

To track your calories and exercises, you’ll browse restaurants and food brands or you can search to find items. If you can’t locate your food in the database, you can create a new item within “my favorites” or by using the “quick add” option.

Daily fitness is tracked by selecting exercises from the database or using “quick add” to create a new activity. Calories burned are included in the overview and displayed within a calories burned vs. eaten chart.

The app provides the ability to export your data by e-mailing your files in csv format. To view the files, you’ll need a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel. You’ll then need to import data from text.

Tap & Track, calorie tracker for iPad by nanobitsoftware.com screenshot

Tap & Track is essentially an enhanced version of MyNetDiary, but lacks detailed tracking of total weight loss and doesn’t have an option to track waist measurement, water or medication/vitamins.

However, Tap & Track has a larger library of foods and an offline database, which is a perfect solution while on the go with limited or no Internet connection.

Though the $9.99 price tag may seem a bit steep, the app is extremely attractive, functional and effective for helping you meet your health and fitness goals.