The sharing of iPhone/iPod touch photos with friends and family has gotten simpler in recent months, thanks to apps such as picplz, Instagram, and others. What about sharing video? That too could get easier with a new app currently in beta.

Created by the founders of, Socialcam hopes to do with video what Instagram did for sharing photos.

According to TechCrunch, the new app requires Facebook Connect, which is currently the only login option available.

Socialcam presents a list of Facebook friends also using the app, which a user can “follow.” Once this is done, the app lets users upload new videos, and also see what friends have posted.

Because of its Facebook integration, Socialcam videos are also available to users not using the app. As videos are uploaded, they show up on the user’s Facebook wall.

Look for a March release for Socialcam; when it does come out, it will face competition. Already, Path allows video uploads. Other developers will likely roll out similar video sharing services in the months ahead too.