We just got back from a hectic week of the Game Developers Conference, where we met with every iOS game developer in attendance. GDC is an event for all types of game developers, and includes opportunities for developers to learn more about their craft, as well as look for potential job opportunities. Of course, AppAdvice had it covered from top to bottom. We went all around San Francisco, bouncing between hotel lobbies, to find the scoop on all the best upcoming games. With meetings every half hour from 11-6, combined with plenty of after parties, we gathered a plethora of information for you!

GDC also hosts two awards shows in the middle of the week. Most of the awards go to console games, but mobile games also had their time in the spotlight. The first award show is the Independent Games Festival where indie devs have a chance to shine. The second award show is the Game Developers Choice Awards, where the big console titles reign supreme.

The “Best Mobile Game” category, which was held during IGF, included iOS games. The nominees were:

Colorbind by Nonverbal (iPhone) (Video)
Halcyon by Zach Gage and Kurt Bieg (iPad) (Video)
Helsing’s Fire by Ratloop (iPhone & iPad) (Video)
Shot Shot Shoot by Erik Svedang (iPad) (Video)
Solipskier by Mikengreg (Universal) (Video)

The winner: Helsing’s Fire by Ratloop. Definitely deserving, in our opinion.

Right after IGF is GDCA, and the nominees in the “Best Handheld” category were:
Cut the Rope by ZeptoLab (iOS) (Video)
God of War: Ghost of Sparta by Ready At Dawn/SCE Santa Monica (PSP)
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker by Kojima Productions (PSP)
Dragon Quest IX by Square Enix and LEVEL-5 Teams (Nintendo DS)
Game Dev Story by Kairosoft (iOS)

The winner: Cut The Rope by ZeptoLab, which is definitely a great game. Seeing a $1 iOS app top $20-30 PSP and Nintendo DS games was very cool. Unfortunately, no one from ZeptoLab was in attendance to accept the award. Dev Fail.

The big winner of the night was Minecraft by Mojang, which won the IGF grand prize as well as multiple GDCAs. Lastly, if you’re into gaming beyond the iOS platform, you might like to know that Red Dead Redemption won the GDCA Game of the year.

It was definitely a great week and a great conference. We met a lot of great developers and saw a lot of cool games. If you were there too, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought!