Living Earth HD is a clock and weather app that was created for those who are captivated by the sight of our planet as if it were a living piece of artwork. The app provides a marvelous satellite view of Earth that’s interactive with live cloud cover. Now you can wake up to that amazing image because Living Earth HD v1.2 is alarm equipped.

The alarm feature has been a planned addition for a long time, but many users will just be glad that it finally made it past the “it’s coming” stage. Notably, Moshen Chan only implemented a basic alarm clock function that has beautiful sounds, however, they aren’t for the heavy sleeper. Another drawback to some could be the fact that the repeat option is not restrict-able to specific days.

Living Earth HD version 1.2 (iPad) - Alarm

Alarm settings

The alarm settings are accessible via one of the new icons in the bottom-left of the screen when used on an iPad and within the Settings section when running on an iPhone and iPod touch. Alarm options include repeat on or off, snooze duration, and song or sound preference to wake you from your slumber: Echo Piano, Sunrise Harp, Swell Harp, Warm Piano, Twilight Piano, Wake Synth, and Chime Harp.

The second major feature of v1.2 is the ability to do a screen capture. iPad users simply need to tap the camera icon in the bottom-left, whereas iPhone and iPod touch users perform a tap and hold to bring up the image sharing options. You can share the capture through Twitter, Facebook, email, or just save it to the Camera Roll.

Personally, I’m a tad disappointed in this feature. Because it’s a tap and hold, iPhone and iPod touch owners can get captures with or without the time, weather, and location details, although iPad users can only perform a capture while the additional information is in view. Of course, one could just use the general iOS screen capture method — pressing the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons simultaneously, but the point of having an in-app ability is to remove a step for sharing these photos.

Further improvements of Living Earth HD v1.2 consist of:

• Welcome tooltips for first time users
• Fix DST issues for some users
• Performance enhancements
• Bug fixes

Living Earth HD is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, third generation iPod touch, and fourth generation iPod touch running iOS 3.2 or later. Living Earth HD is available in the App Store at a 50% off price of $.99.