The New York Times’ official iPad application, NYTimes for iPad, has recently been updated – adding the paywall we first told you about in March. However, the publication has not utilized Apple’s in app subscription service – something demanded of all publishers before June 30.

Currently, The New York Times is offering one month’s access to the digital publication for only $0.99:

As you can see, The New York Times is currently offering users one month's access for only $0.99

However, following this promotion, the above prices are set to change. Like we told you (back in March), the following subscriptions will be available:

  • The + the iPhone app, $15 every four weeks
  • The the iPad app, $20 every four weeks
  • All Digital Access (Web, all iOS devices), $35 every four weeks

Currently, The New York Times is not using Apple’s in app subscription service. This will be mandatory by the end of June. Instead, new subscribers can make their payment via an embedded browser login.

The latest version of NYTimes for iPad (version 2.0.5) is currently available to download in the App Store. Presumably the iPhone version will be updated soon, too. We’ll keep you posted.