Last week, it was reported the newly minted white iPhone was slightly thicker than its black counterpart. Today, Apple’s Senior Vice President Of Product Marketing Phil Schiller responded to the issue via Twitter.  9 To 5 Mac first reported this news.

Is It Thicker?

Is It Thicker?

In a personal response to Ernesto Barron, Schiller explained of the white iPhone:

“It is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read.”

Of course, Schiller’s statement goes against some thorough testing done by others, indicating the opposite. TiPb, for one, has tested the size of a white iPhone to alert its readers on which cases may not work with the new handheld.

Regardless, we’d like to hear from our readers. Have any of you purchased a white iPhone 4 and noticed a slight size difference versus the black model? Leave your comments below.