If you’re a fan of the “amazing” iPad writing app, iA Writer ($2.99), you’ll be pleased to learn that the application is now available in the Mac App Store.

Unfortunately, the Mac version doesn’t retail for a dollar – it’s actually quite a bit more expensive, at $17.99 (and even this is 10 percent off it’s usual price). However, fans of the iPad application may indeed be persuaded by iA Writer for Mac. As outlined by Information Architects in the application’s announcement post:

A better tool doesn’t make a better craftsman, but a good tool makes working a pleasure. iA Writer for Mac is a digital writing tool that makes sure that all your thoughts go into the text instead of the program. iA Writer has no preferences. It is how it is. It works like it works. Love it or hate it. It’s unique FocusMode allows me to think, spell and write at one sentence at a time. iA Writer is fast; it works without mouse. It automatically formats semantical entities such as headlines, lists, bold, strong, block quotes written in markdown.

If you’re often writing offline on your Mac computer, iA Writer may be the perfect app for you. With a reduced feel, the app allows users to focus entirely upon the text they’re writing, as opposed the program or computer. It’s a good idea, and the application works incredibly well on the iPad.

Let us know if you’re persuaded by the Mac version of iA Writer in the comments.

[via MacStories]