CountCon -- Countdowns on your Homescreen Icon! by TouchMiPhone icon

CountCon — Countdowns on your Homescreen Icon! ($0.99) by TouchMiPhone is a countdown app that utilizes the badge icon on your iPhone or iPad to show what’s left.

So having countdown apps are nice, right? But the worst thing about them is that there’s no easy way to see how much time is left for a countdown without opening up the app, right? Yeah, we can blame Apple for not allowing any kind of widgets or anything for that, but at least we have developers that are constantly finding workarounds to Apple’s limitations.

CountCon is a nifty little tool that allows you to view your countdown right from the icon badge count.

From launch, you’ll want to give your countdown a name. Then the next step is to give it a countdown. The app allows you to choose between seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

CountCon -- Countdowns on your Homescreen Icon! by TouchMiPhone screenshot

Once the countdown is set, leave the app and you’ll see that the icon for CountCown is displaying a badge that shows how much time is remaining for your countdown. This will update in real time, according to your time preference.

When the countdown goes off, you’ll get a local notification from the app that will say the countdown has expired. The next time you go back in the app, the countdown that you had previously will be gone and you can enter in a new one.

While you’re in the app, you’ll see that there is a gear icon. This is where the app settings are located. From here, you can choose from one of the many various notification and alarm sounds that will be what you hear when the countdown expires. There’s plenty of choice and you’re sure to find one that you like, or find interesting enough to notify you of your reminders, events, or whatever else you can make countdowns for.

The app is pretty straightforward and easy to use. The only downside is that you can only have one countdown in place at a time, but since the purpose of the app is to display a count on the icon, that makes sense. But perhaps having multiple countdowns and an option to toggle one for the icon could be an option? It would be nice to use it for multiple events and just choose which one you want to show up on the badge count.

If you have ever needed countdowns, but would rather be able to see them in real time without having to open up an app to do so, then CountCon is for you.