Hours after Apple’s unexpected press release that discussed its new iCloud service, comes news not all that surprising. The company is said to have reached agreement with each of the four large labels to bring music to the cloud, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Although Apple has not yet officially announced what iCloud is, we’ve known for awhile now one of its components is to provide music “in a cloud.”

Up until today, Apple had signed three of the four major recorded-music companies, including Warner Music, Sony Music, and EMI Group. According to The Journal, the fourth, Universal Music Group is expected to sign this week.

Apple still needs to sign music publishers to its iCloud service, but those talks are ongoing. These are those that actually own the rights to songs’ underlying compositions.

Still, it would be surprising for Apple to announce a service (like it did today) without knowing those agreements are close to being final.

Stick around as we set the stage for next week’s WWDC conference in San Francisco, California. In addition, be sure to check out our iOS 5 and iPhone 5 roundup pages for all the details and rumors.

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