Instagram is a great way to post photos to your Twitter stream. Now the folks at Tweegram have found a way to allow users to post messages directly to their Instagram feed without needing to add a photo.

The Tweegram service, which is currently in beta, is available via a web browser or by using Mobile Safari. After logging into the Instagram service from the site, users are able to post messages of 140 characters or less using one of five templates.

Keep in mind: these messages go to a user’s Instagram, not Twitter, feed.

Tweetgram Sample

Tweetgram Sample

Although Tweegram works as expected, its long-term success is questionable at best. For one, with a name like Tweegram, Twitter lawyers may have a problem with the concept. After all, while it duplicates Twitter’s 140-character limit, Tweegram has absolutely nothing to do with the Twitter service itself.

Second, Instagram, despite its feed, has never sold itself as a Twitter alternative. Rather it is an amazing place to post pictures for others to see.

To try out Tweegram, go to its website or use its mobile variety.

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