The popular jailbreak developer, @chpwn, has recently released a brand-new tweak: AppSlide. This handy tweak allows applications to “slide” in front of others, and slide away again with a touch of the Home button (or any other Activator-defined action).

Essentially the tweak is “like a back button, but better” – allowing users to quickly navigate back to the previous application. Furthermore, this process is accompanied by a nice, sliding animation.

If you have Activator installed on your iPhone, it’s possible to set a new action for AppSlide – like a press of the volume button, or even a touch gesture. Of course, this is a handy feature.

Currently, AppSlide is available to download in Cydia for free. It’s available via the BigBoss Repository. Check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[More information: ModMyi]