Update: Facebook has, following this article, been attempting to prevent users from using the app on the iPad. There is now a workaround available, as well as a much easier solution to activate the new interface. Click here for all the details.

The entire world has been patiently awaiting theĀ arrivalĀ of a Facebook iPad app ever since Steve Jobs unveiled the device last year. The tablet has very quickly proven to be the perfect device to interact with social networks, but Facebook hasn’t been very willing to go in that direction.

This, however, is about to change. As discovered by some folks on Twitter and confirmed by Techcrunch a few minutes ago, the new Facebook iPad app is ready and actually already out there. Indeed, Facebook has already developed an iPad application and placed it inside their iPhone app, but they haven’t activated it. However, just changing a few lines of code can make it happen. From what MG Siegler is saying, the result is quite incredible, and he even posted a bunch of screenshots for you to check it out (we selected a few and included them below).

As you can see, it includes everything you would expect; photos, your feed, and even the live chat (finally).

The takeaway of this story is that Facebook did develop an iPad app, and it seems fully ready. This means that anytime now, Facebook can flip the switch and release the iPad app to the entire world. They’re probably just using this workaround to beta test it themselves, and the public release is now probably just around the corner.

Last, but not least: you don’t need much in the way of hacking skills to activate the app on your own. If you have some time, just check out our how-to.

We’re working on a full hands-on as we speak, so stick around the site for more details.