Ah, Pokémon: Endless hours of my youth were spent hunched over a Game Boy Advance, catching “pocket monsters” in the wild grasses of Kanto. I loved the TV show, the movies and even the trading cards, too – and though I’ve grown up now, I still feel slightly downhearted that those little creatures still haven’t made their way into the App Store.

Fortunately, this is about to change. An article that reached our eyes via Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku claims that Pikachu, Bulbasaur and even Rattata are App Store bound, in an iOS application that should be available this summer.

The application in question

The downside? While the app (called “Pokémon Say Tap?”) is free, it’s not a port of the famous games: Instead, it “uses music and on screen Pokémon cards in a timing game.” But what is important is what the availability of this application means for the iOS community. The simple availability of a Nintendo Pokémon application in a smart phone application store is incredibly important, because no such “official” app is yet available.

This means we could soon see other Pokémon applications become available, too, which would be awesome. Until then, feel free to share your excitement (and favorite pokémon!) in the comments.