In an article that hit the Web this morning, Robin Wauters of TechCrunch notes that SHAPE Services (the developer responsible for the popular instant messaging application, IM+) has recently acquired CrispApp, the Hong Kong based developer of fone. If you’re not familiar with fone, the free iPhone app allows users to make VoIP calls to their Facebook contacts.

While the final details have not been announced, TechCrunch claims that the purchase price was around $200,000. As a result of the acquisition, SHAPE is planning on releasing a brand new iPhone application called IM+ Video, which will allow users to make voice and video calls over the Internet, and should be available in the App Store within 10 days. Like fone, SHAPE’s upcoming application will integrate with Facebook.

The fone application as we know it will remain in the App Store, according to SHAPE Services CEO Igor Berezovsky. Apparently, the new app will be free to use, which is great news for iOS fans.

As mentioned, the new application should hit the App Store in little over a week. We’ll let you know all the details once the app becomes available.