Here’s another neat jailbreak tweak, developed as part of TweakWeek: AnimateBattery (free) animates the battery icon displayed on your iPhone’s Lock screen when the handset is charging.

The animation shows the battery icon gradually filling as the handset charges. The tweak itself doesn’t add an icon to your iPhone’s Home screen, adding only a pane in the Settings app: Here, users can change the animation displayed. The first shows the battery gradually filling, and the second shows the battery hovering around its current charge level (this gives users an indication of how full the iPhone’s battery is).

AnimateBattery is a fun, free tweak jailbreak fans might enjoy. If you’re interested in taking it for a spin, be sure to add Ryan Petrich’s repository to Cydia first. It is: “” And let us know if you’re a fan of AnimateBattery in the comments.