If you’re looking to play a classic arcade game using your application icons, SpringBlock Breaker is a jailbreak tweak worth considering. Once installed, the tweak allows users to play a game of Breakout with their app icons on a new screen, using their iPhone’s built-in accelerometer.

As Jeff of iPhone Download Blog notes, the tweak is priced at $0.98 and appears to work very well. Simply navigate over to the last screen on your iPhone, tap the block of app icons, and the game will begin. As mentioned, users control the paddle with the iPhone’s accelerometer, and information such as your score and current number of lives is displayed at the top of the screen.

This definitely looks like a fun tweak, and something jailbreak fans will appreciate. Namely, I think it’s awesome because you can play a game of Breakout on your iPhone without having to launch an app. As mentioned, the package will set you back $0.98.

If you’re a fan of SpringBlock Breaker, be sure to let us know in the comments.