Bluetooth Share HD - Sharing Photos/Contacts/Files by LY MobileSoft icon

Bluetooth Share HD – Sharing Photos/Contacts/Files ($1.99) by LY MobileSoft is an app that does what it says, though it begs the question, do you need to do what it says?

The app works by connecting an iPad to another iDevice through Bluetooth. The main menu has a large Bluetooth button that will activate it on your iPad and begin looking for other iDevices. With the connection established, you can send files, photos, or contacts from one device to the other.

Bluetooth Share HD - Sharing Photos/Contacts/Files by LY MobileSoft screenshot

Pressing the file button shows you a list of all your saved files. A preview pane to the right will show you the file’s contents. The top right corner also shows extra details, such as when it was created and its size. One thing I found handy was a spot listing how much used and free memory space is available on the iPad. A pie chart also presents it as a graphic representation.

Transferring your files from your computer to the iPad can be done through the USB connection. You may scratch your head for a moment and wonder “Isn’t that how I would transfer the files anyway?” True, but this method would work for storing the files on the iPad to be transferred through the app to another iDevice.

The lowdown? This app feels like a widget without a home. Why go through the bother of connecting iDevices, when you could just as easily email files, or use any number of cloud-based storage options?

I like the interface with its large buttons and organized look, but that’s only secondary to the actual functionality. There are so many ways to transfer files that using Bluetooth seems like it would take too long for establishing connections.

File this app under “m” for “meh.”