I never learned how to suck in helium as a child and let forth a spew of speech that sounds like munchkins. I didn’t get to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. I was told that I would suck in too much, pass out and would, most likely, die. I’m pretty sure I had fun as a kid. I must have or I would be a lot more miserable. It just seems like there were all these fun things that I missed out on: inhaling helium, climbing trees higher than three feet off the ground or sneaking out of my room to watch TV at night.

HeliumBooth is for anyone who missed out, like me, as a child. You can take a video of anyone or anything for up to one minute with two different voice modes. Either they sound helium inflated, or their voice dips down a few pitches. It was fun to record my mom with the lower voice. She sounded the weirdest. When she heard what she sounded like, she rolled her eyes and walked away. I just laughed. I also have a clip of my youngest brother laughing in the lower voice, and he sounds like Sauron. My husband and I also have several pranks planned for other unsuspecting brothers and sisters.

These videos can be uploaded to Facebook or to YouTube. You ┬ácan also save these videos to your camera roll and then send them to friends through an MMS. It took a long time for the video compression on my iphone, though. Other than that, it’s fun to play with. Anything that gains my youngest brother’s attention is captivating since he’s so apathetic about pretty much everything else that his heart might stop on him one day.

Check out HeliumBooth at the iTunes store for $0.99