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Toss The Ball (Free) by Namco Networks America Inc. is a carnival arcade game where you have different types of balls to play with in various modes of play. It is essentially Skee-Ball.

Swipe a finger across the screen to launch the ball and make it land in a hole. Some holes will periodically be lit up with a green or blue light. If you get a ball into one of those holes, you will be given some kind of bonus such as extra points or your next ball loading instantly or moving faster.

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There are three kinds of games to play in the app: Rolling Race, Balls Of Time, and Chill Mode.

In Rolling Race, there are six wooden horses above the board. The more points you get, the faster your horse will run. Winning a game earns you a “scratch” card or a spin on a wheel to get a prize.

In Balls Of Time, you have a limited amount of time to get as many points as you can.

In the above two modes, there is an unlimited number of balls available to you. In Chill Mode, you get only 10 balls. Use those to accrue as many points as possible.

As you play and collect experience points, you go up in level and unlock additional balls and boards to play on. Your second board is unlocked at level five, but in the free version you get to play on it only once. You will have to upgrade to the premium version to have full access to all the features and remove the advertisements.

Toss The Ball by Namco Networks America Inc. screenshot

The balls offer different boosts in the three stats: experience points, score, and speed. The green knowledge ball is best for leveling up as it offers maximum xp.

The app also offers multiplayer support for the Rolling Race Mode. There is no special sign up, so just jump straight in.

Toss The Ball is an entertaining game whose progression greatly increases the playability (provided you invest in the premium version).