In a recently intercepted internal memo, Sprint asks its employees to “not speculate about Sprint getting the iPhone,” in a move leading many to believe that the carrier may have something to hide.

For a while now, we’ve been wondering whether the iPhone could branch out to T-Mobile USA and Sprint – two U.S. carriers who, as of the moment, do not carry Apple’s hugely popular iPhone smart phone. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sprint will carry the iPhone 5 later this year, along with AT&T and Verizon. Though as of this moment, nothing has been confirmed by either Apple or Sprint.

However, in internal memo sent out to employees (and intercepted by SprintFeed), Sprint asks employees to avoid giving any information on rumors to customers, or even speculating on the possible launch of a Sprint iPhone handset.

Here's an image of the aforementioned memo

Obviously, this doesn’t confirm that a Sprint iPhone handset is coming. However, it does lead us to believe that Sprint might have something up its sleeve, something that it wants to keep secret (for as long as possible).

Is this the iPhone 5? Could it be the iPhone 4S? We don’t know. But we will keep you posted.

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