The popular Twitter client for iPhone, Tweetbot, has recently received an update. Now, users of the application can set a sleep time for push notifications (and choose to receive notifications only from people they follow), and the developer has improved link emailing and the way the application deals with spam.

As outlined in the app’s release notes, changes made in this version of Tweetbot (1.4.3) include:

  • Added Sleep time for push
  • Option to receive push mentions only from people you follow
  • When emailing a link, the subject is now the page title if sent from a web view
  • Blocking/Reporting for Spam now deletes associated tweets from the timeline

All of these changes aren’t going to revolutionize the way you use Tweetbot, but they are certainly much-needed improvements that will service to enhance your mobile Twitter experience. It’s also good to see Tweetbot getting regular updates, especially since the application comes with a price-tag (and the official Twitter app doesn’t).

If you’re looking for a different iPhone Twitter app, consider purchasing Tweetbot. It’s currently available to download in the App Store for $2.99.