We heard the announcement and offered our opinions, now the question is: When Can I Buy An iPhone 5?

Assuming All Things Digital’s original post is correct and Tuesday, October 4 is the day the iPhone 5 is revealed, the handset should arrive in a matter of days.

According to CNN/Money, Apple has been quicker at releasing new products after the big unveils. For example, while the original iPhone took 171 days between its unveiling (in 2007) and release, the iPhone 4 took just 17 days in 2010. Better still, the iPad 2 launched just nine days after its introduction earlier this year.

When Will iPhone 5 Actually Arrive?

When Will iPhone 5 Actually Arrive?

Our best bet, which we first discussed here, is that the iPhone 5 will launch worldwide on Friday, October 14. That would be ten days after it is officially announced. Plus, expect iOS 5 to arrive around the same time, perhaps a day or two prior.