Attention Instagram users, you will love the latest update! If you are bored with the current features, this update brings new capabilities that will make you happy. Take your pictures to a creative new level with Instagram 2.0.

Instagram provides unique filtered effects for your iOS photos, and integrates them with social networking features. You can share all of your photo masterpieces with friends on Instagram or on Facebook.

One of the biggest changes in the new Instagram update is the live filters and tilt-shift. Tilt-shift lets you blur a portion of the picture and create interesting depth of field effects. This can all happen while you are taking the picture, instead of adding it later. Now, you can preview the image before you shoot, making it easier to show off your creative talent.

If you prefer, effects may be applied after the photo is taken, or to any of the photos currently on your phone. You can also change filters once they have been applied, even if they were taken in the live mode. All of the filter effects load much faster than in the previous version, almost instantly.

The update also includes four new filters and flexibility with the borders. Now you can turn the borders on and off. There are some smaller improvements such as faster viewing of your social network feed and a new icon.

If you have not checked out Instagram before, now is the time. It is a fun app, especially if you like to play around with photos. If you have Instagram, the new update makes it even better. Instagram works on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Best of all, it is free in the App Store!