The upcoming “KBShortcuts” jailbreak tweak, which has Jeff from iDownloadBlog quivering with excitement, looks to be an impressive, essential jailbreak package.

Once installed, users can swipe from the virtual keyboard’s spacebar to a particular letter or symbol, and perform a present task. For example, swiping from space to the “c” key performs the “copy” action, while swiping from space to “a” selects all the text in your document. Furthermore, it’s possible to insert “quick text” users have defined in the tweak’s settings into a document, using a preset swipe action.

There are countless actions users can perform with KBShortcuts, and the fact that it appears to integrate itself seamlessly within the iOS makes it a package of particular importance.

The only downside is that the package isn’t available yet, as it’s currently in development. Once available, jailbreak fans will be able to download KBShortcuts for $2.50, and if the below walkthrough video is anything to go by, the tweak looks like it’s worth the price-tag.

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