According to Orange CEO Stephane Richard, the iPhone 5 will be available in France on October 15. This news, which was picked up first by Mac4Ever would suggest Apple’s new handset will be available worldwide on that date.

Assuming Richard’s comment is correct, the iPhone 5 would launch on a Saturday, which would be very surprising. In the past, Apple has traditionally launched new handsets on a Thursday or Friday.

We’ve heard a lot of iPhone 5 launch rumors in recent weeks. While Apple itself has said nothing on the subject, the general consensus is building that the new iPhone will arrive in early October.

With this in mind, Richard is probably onto something. However, whether his comments are based on fact or assumptions is unknown.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time the Orange CEO made an Apple forecast that proved correct. In January 2010, Richard stated that Apple would soon reveal an iPad. While his suggestion that the iDevice would include a webcam wasn’t correct, he was obvious right about its existence.

Of course, before Apple actually announces the iPhone 5, they need to schedule one of their famous media events. As of now, that hasn’t happened.

We’ll keep you updated.