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Orange CEO-To-Be Confirms Apple's Tablet

January 11, 2010


Unless it's too late already, Steve Jobs is going to have a stroke when he hears this. In an radio interview this morning, Stéphane Richard, Orange's CEO-To-Be, confirmed the arrival of Apple's Tablet, Boum! According to him, it comes with 3G networking and a webcam. How on earth did that happened? Well, Stéphane Richard, Orange/France Telecom's vice-president, is about to take over the company and was therefore invited this morning on a popular french radio (Europe 1). The interview's focus was on Orange's employees recent tendency to defenestrate themselves but they moved on to Google, Smart Phones, Apple and then:
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach (the interviewer) : According to Le Point (a french magazine), your partner Apple will be launching a tablet Stéphane Richard: Yes. Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: … equipped with a webcam. Stéphane Richard: Yes. Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: Will Orange customers also be able to enjoy it? Stéphane Richard: Of course!, they will actually particularly enjoy it because the webcam will allow live video streaming. It's a new take on mobile video-conferencing.
Here is the actual video of the interview here, (in french, it comes up at 6:00) :
Orange provides the iPhone in over 25 countries at the moment, so if Apple is indeed planning a 3G powered device, Richard is the one to know. On the other hand, maybe he just pulled a Jabberwocky (he's out of the loop so he just acknowledged not to look like a fool). This is getting out of control...

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