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Doodle Jump FREE (Free) by Lima Sky is an arcade game where Doodle the Doodler is forever jumping upward from one platform to the next. Miss your footing and you’ll be plummeting to the bottom and a restart.

Doodle Jump FREE by Lima Sky screenshot

Most platforms are green and solid, but a few are brown and broken and will not support your weight at all. There are blue platforms moving from side to side and you will sometimes come across a spring (on the fixed platforms) which will propel you upwards at a greater rate than usual.

Platforms seem to be randomly distributed each time you play to keep you guessing.

Tilting the screen from side to side will help you with safe landings and tapping the screen will let you shoot straight upwards to kill off any enemies you come across. There is also the option to turn on directional shooting; a little more challenging, but does not require you to be directly under the enemy which could cause you to jump into them.

This is a fun little app and free (due to the addition of ads) so I can definitely recommend it if you haven’t purchased the full version already.