At its iPhone event in Cupertino, CA, Apple has announced a series of new iPods.

The first is an updated iPod nano, which comes with a variety of new features. One of these is a pedometer. According to Phil Schiller:

We’ve improved the fitness features as well. You can run or walk with it, no other accessories required.

Additionally, the iPod nano includes new clock faces for the device’s Clock app.

The new iPod nano devices are available today: $129 for 8GB nano, $149 for 16GB — available today.

Now, on to the iPod touch. Apple is releasing a white version of the iPod touch, and has noted that both versions will get iOS 5.

Here are the prices for the iPod touch: 32GB $299, and $199 for the 8GB touch. This means that the iPod touch is now cheaper than it used to be.