Apple’s Reminders app, which was added in iOS 5, makes it quick and easy to create personal reminders. However, it’s also possible to set location-aware reminders using the built-in app. These reminders alert the user when their iPhone leaves a location or arrives at one. Here’s how you can set them up.

First, launch the Reminders app and touch the “+” button in the top-right corner of the application. You’ll then be asked to choose a name for your reminder.

Reminders appear in lists within the app

Now, you can either leave the reminder as it is, or you can configure it to literally remind you at a particular time or location. In order to access these settings, simply touch on the reminder and you’ll be taken to the screen below.

Here, you can set an alert for a particular time or for a particular location

Touch “Remind Me” and on the next screen, switch the “Location” toggle to “ON.” Below, you can set the location in question (either using your current location or an address), and choose the alert to remind you when you arrive at or leave that particular location.

Alert settings can be configured at this screen

Once you’ve configured your settings for the reminder, touch “Done” in the top-right corner and the reminder will be saved and set. It’s as simple as that.

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