Are you a person hopelessly addicted to word puzzles? SpellTower is a brand new game by Zach Gage that offers both a casual-paced gameplay and three others that will test your lexicon to the very limits.

To start things off, you’re forced to make it through the tutorial. Don’t get concerned, it’s short. Your basic goal is to create words out of contiguous letters, drawing a line with a single finger from each letter to the next until finished. As long as they touch, even just the corner, letters can be connected in anyway necessary to create the word: vertically, horizontally, diagonally, crisscross, and a combination of the former.

Adding a little extra challenge to the gameplay, there are two special letter squares that will be randomly mixed amongst the normal. If you happen to create a word using a blue square letter, it will eliminate an entire row. The other special square is one that houses a number in the top-right. This number indicates the minimum amount of letters the word must contain. If you use more than one of these special letter squares to create a word, you will need to satisfy the requirements of all.

So, without further delay, we shall move onto the four gameplay modes.

• Tower Mode is the choice for casual play situations. Simply try to create the biggest words to obtain the highest score. You begin with 150 letters, and each letter elimination will reduce that column. You’ll continue to do this until there are no more possible words, then tap Done in the bottom-right to submit your score and view your final game details.

• Puzzle Mode is really the foundation for the strategy component of the game. Unlike Tower Mode, where you begin with the screen full, Puzzle Mode begins with only five rows filled at the bottom. After each word you complete, a new row of random letters will be created at the bottom. The game is over when one or more columns reaches the top. Basically, there goes the freelance portion.

• Extreme Puzzle Mode is exactly the same rules as standard Puzzle Mode except most squares will now be the special letter squares with numbers. In essence, this is Expert difficulty, whereas regular Puzzle Mode would be considered Normal difficulty.

• Rush Mode substitutes quality for quantity, for the most part anyway. Somewhere along the lines of the same difficulty level as Puzzle Mode, except it’s a timer that adds the rows and not the completing of words. The countdown can be monitored by watching the rising blue background. Once it gets to the top another row appears.

That’s it for the rundown. Now go compete with friends by passing around your iPad or take the competition to a global scale through Game Center. SpellTower features a Game Center leaderboard for each gameplay mode, plus one for the best word score.

SpellTower is compatible with iPad running iOS 4.1 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99.