Prizma by icon

Prizma ($0.99) by is a colorful puzzle game the goal of which is to arrange and match a board of colored objects in the minimum number of moves possible. You are presented with zappies and prizmas. A zappy will emit light of a certain color while the prizma will absorb it.

Prizma by screenshot

The zappies will have a colored arrow pointing away from them in some direction. They usually sit on a track where they can be dragged. Behind that is a grid showing where the zappy is. It will always be in one of the grid’s squares.

The prizmas are normally off of the track so they can’t be moved (some levels are an exception to this). Since zappies and prizmas emit and absorb specific colors, you’ll have to move the zappies so they line up with the prizmas. Once they’re in place, tap the small orange button at the bottom middle. This will cause light to be emitted.

If the correct colors are being emitted and absorbed, with no obstructions, the puzzle has been solved and the next level will be unlocked.

The game starts off as very easy with a tutorial that spans multiple levels. It becomes more challenging in later levels by the addition of extra obstacles. For example, there are inert objects, which neither emit nor absorb light, but can still be moved. They just get in the way and make things harder.

Prizma by screenshot

There are also levels where you need to rotate the zappies’ arrows, and levels where prizmas can absorb light and then re-emit it in different colors and in multiple directions.

On the top there is a counter showing the minimum number of moves needed to score three gold stars. Each time you move an object by one square or rotate its arrow, your move counter goes up.

You can solve the puzzle with more moves than the specified amount, but then you’ll get only one or two stars rather than all three. The maximum number of moves allowed is always three times the number given at the top.

Prizma is a great idea for a puzzle game. The extra elements of gameplay make it more thought-provoking and engaging. There are 90 levels for you to enjoy and you may be pleased to hear that 20 of them can be found in the free version called Prizma Begins.