AsĀ previously reported, The Financial Times chose to eschew the App Store in favor of a Web app for the iPhone and iPad. It has done well. It has done so well, in fact, that it now celebrates its one millionth registered user.

To celebrate this achievement, The Financial Times has released the below infographic:

FT Mobile Infographic

As seen from the infographic, the introduction of the FT Web App has significantly helped site traffic. As noted on The Financial Times Press Office Blog, “ now sees 20% of total page views and 15% of new B2C subscriptions each week coming directly from mobile and tablet devices.”

This demonstrates that success on the iPad and iPhone are possible, even outside Apple’s App Store ecosystem. Whether more publications will follow the model set by The Financial Times (and achieve the same level of success) remains to be seen. In the meantime, congratulations to The Financial Times on this noteworthy accomplishment.