Earlier this year we discussed what the new Bluetooth technology could mean for iOS. This new version of Bluetooth — also referred to as “Low Energy Bluetooth” or Bluetooth 4.0 — was implemented in a few Apple products this year. First, the Mac mini and the MacBook Air, then, finally, the iPhone 4S supported it.

Well, to our delight, a new Kickstarter campaign has launched called Find My Car Smart. This product takes full advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology on the iPhone 4S, helping you find your vehicle if you forget where you parked (or were too drunk to remember — not that we condone drunk driving). And, hopefully, it does so using limited battery power.

The device works by plugging the Bluetooth device into your vehicle, pairing it with your iPhone, and when you forget where you parked just fire up the app — and voila — it leads you right to it!

The Find My Car Smart device

Obviously, this only works with the iPhone 4S, as it is currently the first smartphone with this Bluetooth technology.

Although this is a Kickstarter campaign, meaning the actually product won’t ship until they meet their funding goal, the app is already available in the App Store.

We’re excited to try this out someday, and hope the Find My Car Smart campaign quickly gets off the ground. Now, if only I could hook something like this up to my keys. That’s a genius idea.