The Magic Puzzles folks are at it again. This time, with a new app featuring famed photographer Anne Geddes. Even if you don’t know her name, you’ve surely seen her work. I do realize Anne Geddes photography isn’t for everyone, but I will admit that at one time in my life, I did have a bit of an Anne Geddes obsession. I’m over it now, but I still see the charm in her loving photographs of babies juxtaposed with nature.

At any rate, the iPad app features eight of Anne Geddes’ photographs. Like the other Magic Puzzles apps, you can choose your puzzle level: Beginner (42 pieces), Advanced (72), Professional (143), or Master (288 pieces)! You can also choose to have the pieces rotated or not, as well as music and sound effects on or off. Complete a puzzle and the app cheers for you and displays a congratulatory message.

Just like with their other puzzles, the only issue I have is that sometimes the pieces are hard to “pick up”. Otherwise, this is a really nice, free app to enjoy on your iPad. There is a small, unobtrusive banner ad you can see in the photos below. Finished with the eight included puzzles and can’t get enough of Anne Geddes? You can purchase more puzzles in-app.

There are also quite a few other puzzle apps by the same developer, including one just for Christmas.

Magic Puzzles: Anne Geddes is available in the iTunes app store for the awesome price of FREE.