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Magic Puzzles For iPad Brings Tons Of Puzzles For Free

Magic Puzzles For iPad Brings Tons Of Puzzles For Free

July 30, 2011
Magic Puzzles by XIMAD icon

Magic Puzzles (Free) by XIMAD is a free jigsaw puzzle app for iPad that allows you to download many puzzles within this one app. I previously reviewed one of the apps from the same developer, Magic Puzzles: Fantasy, but their newest app contains that set of puzzles and many, many more.

Magic Puzzles by XIMAD screenshot

Here is how it works: Download the free app. Tap “Get New Puzzles” and you will be given a menu with over 40 puzzle sets, each of which was previously a separate app. The app is being updated regularly to bring even more puzzles. More than half of these puzzle sets are marked “free”, simply tap them to download at no charge. The ones that are not marked “free” are in-app purchases, generally $.99 apiece.

Among the free options, you’ll find: Cars, Zombie, Romantic Photo, The Three Little Pigs, The Hero Perseus, The Children’s Bible, The Velveteen Rabbit, Forces of Nature, Baseball, Wild West, Ocean Live, Funny Cats, Seven Natural Wonders, Famous Paintings, Castles, and lots more.

Each set contains five different puzzles. Parents, do be sure to preview each set before downloading for young children -- some of them are mildly (PG) racy. Once you have downloaded a set, select a puzzle, cover-flow style. Then choose your level of difficulty (42, 72, 143, or 288 pieces) and whether or not you want the pieces rotated for more of a challenge. Music and sound effects can be toggled on and off.

So, now instead of downloading a dozen or more free puzzle apps, you can just download this one and get dozens of puzzle sets within it. Yes, there are ads but they are not intrusive. If you’re looking for some free jigsaw puzzle entertainment on your iPad, give this one a go!

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