The makers of TextNow and PingChat! have announced the immediate availability of Touch, a new social networking service available via the iPhone/iPod touch. Created by Waterloo, Ontario-based Enflick, Touch allows users to share experiences as they happen by easily capturing and delivering photos. In addition, users are able to have real-time conversations directly from within the app.

Other features include:

  • Visual alerts showing when text and media messages are delivered and read;
  • Capability to quickly add multiple conversation participants for spontaneous group chats; and
  • Profile pages that allow friends and family to look back and reflect on a journey of mutually shared Experiences.


According to Derek Ting, co-founder and CEO, Enflick:

“We want to give people the power to instantly connect with their closest friends and family – whenever they want, right from their mobile phones – and to make that Experience unlike anything else that exists today. With a design focused on emulating our real-world personal interactions, Touch takes online connectivity to an entirely new level, transforming the way that we can keep in touch with the relationships that are the most important to us.”

Touch looks a lot like Path, an impressive social networking service for iPhone that recently underwent a significant update. However, where Path requires joining an entirely new ecosystem, Touch does not. In fact, existing PingChat! customers are automatically enrolled into Touch, which could prove important. According to Enflick, TextNow and PingChat! apps serve more than a billion impressions per month and enjoy over 21.5 million users worldwide.

Touch looks interesting and definitely something worth checking out. Download it today in the App Store.