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Path Gets A Major Update: Adds New Design, Music, Check-Ins And More

Path Gets A Major Update: Adds New Design, Music, Check-Ins And More

November 30, 2011
Back when we first started talking about Path, the free application wanted to be a more "personal social network," providing family members and close friends with a non-public means of sharing personal and social information. Now, in its second major version, the app also wants to be your "Smart Journal," and has received a number of new features that make this possible. Fortunately, one thing has remained the same: like before, Path is available to download in the App Store for free, which we're glad to see. Perhaps the most radical (and most appreciated) change Path has undergone regards its user interface. Though the application certainly wasn't ugly before, Path's developer have made the app into something of a masterpiece: the application now looks and feels really good - graphically, it's beautiful, but in addition small, precise animations which appear whenever you interact with any aspect of Path make this application a pleasure to use. The hard part, it seems, is getting others to use it with you. As outlined in the app's release notes, changes made in this version (2.0) of Path include:
  • New Design — We’ve re-imagined what Path is with a brand new design and new stories.
  • Covers — Decorate your Path with a large beautiful photo, like wallpaper for your Path.
  • Automatic — A journal that writes itself, Path can recognize when you spend time in a new neighborhood or visit a new city and records it for you automatically.
  • Music — Share and enjoy what you’re listening to with your Path friends.
  • Sleep — Record your sleep schedule to your Path with correct moon phases and number of hours slept.
  • Check-in — Let your friends know where you are by sharing places on Path. And if you like, check-in on Foursquare too!
  • Private — Keep any post to yourself with a simple private option, or just share with your friends on Path.
  • Notifications — Receive better push notifications directly to your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Settings — Customize your email and notification preferences from within Path.
  • Share — Easily post to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare directly from Path.
Path certainly is fully featured now: not only does the application look and feel great, but users of Path can now share what music they're listening to, how long they sleep and where exactly they've travelled to. Furthermore, Path can do this automatically for you too, which is a handy feature (just remember to be careful who you share your Path feed with!). Currently, the application is available to download for free in the App Store. Take a look at Path now, and be sure to share your thoughts on the updated version in the comments.

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