Artem Lapitski has created an iPhone app you really don’t need. Yet, just as Instagram and Hipstamatic have proven there are Camera app alternatives worth exploring, so too is the Repeat Timer Pro app, which offers some features missing on Apple’s own Clock app.

Available for $1.99, the Repeat Timer Pro app includes a secondary interval timer and repeat functions.

Options include:

  • Repeat setting to loop the timer(s)
  • Beautiful interface with sound effects
  • Runs in the background with sound and notification alerts


In addition, the Repeat Time Pro app includes 26 different alerts, which include 11 humorous sounds. These include a Peacock, Chicken, and Troll Roar to name just three examples.

Available uses include:

  • Exercise timer for interval training and timed repetitions
  • Meditation or yoga timer with gong and chime sounds
  • Household timer for cooking, studying, working and more
  • Pomodoro Technique timer using the interval timer for breaks


Check it out:

Repeat Timer Pro is a worthy Clock app alternative and is definitely worth checking out. A free version, Repeat Timer Free, is also available.