The Consumer Electronics show brings together some of the most intriguing products imaginable, and even unimaginable. Many of the products and services exhibited are being shared to the public for the very first time. However, some return for another round of excitement. Bouncing their way back onto the CES show floor this year are iBallz, a unique accessory designed to protect iPads and other tablets.

The product is made up of four foam-like balls connected by an elastic band. The balls are slid over the corners of your iPad or iPad 2 and the elastic band holds them in place. These four 2″ spheres provide impact protection from nearly every type of fall or tumble. Not only can iBallz protect an iPad from your own occasional carelessness, it also brings ease of mind when your children get app time.

The design of iBallz doesn’t only provide shock absorption. Because your iDevice is elevated, spilling liquids near your iPad will no longer turn it into sunken treasure. Not only that, the elastic band can be used as a handle or hanger.

Even though the spheres create a distance from your iPad and surfaces as well as provide shock protection, the front and rear of your iDevice have no direct protection. If you find that to be a concern, you can opt to add one of the iBallz cases or sleeves to add that extra protection you crave. Choose from the Hard Case, Satchel, full Soft Sleeve, or partial sleeve Eye Lid.

All available from; iBallz are offered in black, grey, blue, and pink at the cost of $19.95; half-sized iBallz Minis are offered in black, blue, and pink for the same $19.95; and the cases / sleeves are priced from $27.95 to $39.95.

To help inform and entertain you, I’ve included our iBallz demonstration at CES video and a few others posted to YouTube, a couple are quite intense. Obviously, the iBallz team doesn’t guarantee protection nor recommended subjecting their product through some of the extreme abuse tests shown by some of their customers.