At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Newer Technology decided to show off one of their more unique products, the Power2U AC/USB wall outlet. This combination power outlet is the perfect way to keep all of those mobile gadgets charged and ready to go without worrying about taking up dozens of outlets with standard chargers.

Designed to offer more charging sources per outlet with even less hassle, you may wonder how you’ve lived without one. All right, it may not be that dramatic but it’s surprising how much improving convenience can spoil us. Anyway, the Power2U features:

• Smart Power feature only outputs enough charging power required by the attached device
• Energy-efficient, spring-loaded Safety Shutter design turns USB ports off when connecting cable is removed
• Uses standard four-pin type-A jack USB cables
• Installs on standard 15A electrical circuit
• First and only UL/CUL Listed (E339607) device of its kind – For use in United States & Canada
• Includes mounting screws with white plastic covers and matching white wall plate

Sure enough, there are some requirements your home will need to meet to accommodate the installation and use of this nifty product. For example, the outlet box must be at least 16 cubic inches in size and the Power2U can not replace outlets with a Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI). Check out the frequently asked questions section on the Power2U product page for full details.

The Power2U AC/USB wall outlet is available through Other World Computing at a starting price of $27.99 plus any applicable shipping and sales tax fees.